About Us

Welcome to Ziggy PeelGood's

For over 25 years Ziggy Peelgoods has provided a superior product that has become famous throughout, not just Newfoundland but in many parts of the world. Our french frys are second to none and we plan on keeping it that way.                                                                       

We are also available for:

  • Special event catering including: Wedding Receptions, Sporting Events, Fundraisers, Concerts etc.                                                                                               

  • Wholesale Services. We supply many of the restaurants, hotels and stadiums in St. John’s already. Always looking to expand that part of our business.

For more information, or to book us for an event or to place wholesale orders, please call 709-738-3788 or email us at ziggyPeelgoods@gmail.com or Click Here to submit the Online Form.